Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads Add-on Installation

To start using the add-on Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads, you need to make sure it is installed and enabled.

General add-on installation and activation instructions can be found in the section Managing add-ons of our Knowledge Base.

Once the add-on has been activated, a new section will become available in your store’s Admin area: Marketing > Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads (in X-Cart 5.3.x and earlier the section name is Sales Channels).

Also, a new setting "Add to Facebook product feed" will be added for each of the products in your store’s catalog. You will find it in the Marketing section of the product details page.


Note that this setting is enabled by default. All products with the setting "Add to Facebook product feed" enabled are included in the product feed and uploaded to your Facebook Catalog automatically.

Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads Add-on Setup

You can configure the add-on settings on the Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads page of your store’s Admin area (Marketing > Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads).


Note that for X-Cart 5.3.x and earlier, the add-on settings page is located in the Sales Channels -> Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads section of the store's Admin area.

This section can also be accessed via the Settings link in the My add-ons section:

  • X-Cart 5.4.x


To configure the add-on, adjust the following settings:

  1. Frequency of Product Feed renewal (hourly/daily/weekly): Specify how often you would like your product feed to renew.

  2. Include out of stock products into feed: Enable this option if you need the out-of-stock products to be included in the feed that submits to Facebook and Instagram.

  3. Facebook Pixel ID: Specify your Facebook Pixel ID. If you do not have a Facebook Pixel ID yet, you can generate it as described at https://www.facebook.com/business/help/952192354843755. Facebook Pixel will enable the tracking of such events as View Content/Search/Add to Cart/Initiate Checkout/Purchase, and you will be able to get stats on these events to work with sales funnel, ads conversion and so on.

Be sure to save your settings by clicking "Save changes".

Now you can proceed to the generation of the product feed and upload it to Facebook. See Product Feed Generation and Upload to Facebook.

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