Adding product class attributes via the Classes & Attributes section of the Admin area (Catalog > Classes & attributes) implies that a related product class has been created beforehand, as described in the Creating Product Classes guide of our Help Center.

To add attributes to an existing product class via the Classes & Attributes section, follow the steps below:

1. In your store’s Admin area, go to the Classes & attributes section (Catalog > Classes & attributes).

2. In the list of product classes, locate the product class that you need to add an attribute to, and click on the Edit attributes (N) link opposite it:

This opens a page where you will be able to manage attributes for this product class:

3. On this page, click New attribute:


A popup titled New attribute appears:

4. Use the fields of the New attribute popup to provide information about the new attribute. Specify the following information:

  • Attribute: Attribute name.

  • Attribute group: Select a group name from the drop-down if this is applicable.
    Use the Attribute Groups guide in X-Cart Help Center to learn how to join attributes into groups.

  • Type: Attribute value type (Plain field, Textarea, Yes/No).
    To choose a proper attribute value type for your attribute, refer to the guides from Attribute Value Field Types.

  • Display as: A display mode for multivalue attributes in the storefront. The property is available for a plain type of attribute only, starting with X-Cart 5.4.1.x.


5. Click Next.

The popup extends with an option to add attribute values.

The popup also adds the Display option above the price toggle that can display an attribute in the storefront if enabled.

For the multivalued attributes and the editable attributes of a Textarea type (product options), the Display option above the price toggle is enabled by default and can not be disabled.

If the Display option above the price toggle is enabled, the attribute will display in the storefront on the product details page:

6. Click New value to configure the attribute options depending on the chosen attribute value field type. Add as many attribute options as you need.

The screen below demonstrates adding a plain field value:

7. If you want some or all of the attribute option(s) you added for this product class to be applied automatically to all the products this product class will be assigned to in the future, click the check-mark icon opposite the names of the related attribute options (the check-mark icon should turn green):

8. Once you’re done editing the attribute options, save the changes using the Save changes button.

The attribute(s) will be added to the list of attributes of the related product class.

You can add as many attributes to one product class as you need. Once all required attributes have been created, you can start assigning products to this product class in your store.

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