If a product class has a considerable amount of attributes, it makes sense to divide them into groups to make the representation for a customer structured and easy to perceive.


To add a group of attributes to a product class:

  1. In the list of product classes, locate the product class that you need to add an attribute to, and click on the "Edit attributes (N)" link opposite it:

    A page where you will be able to manage attributes for this product class will open:

  2. On this page, click "Manage Groups."

    A popup titled "Manage attribute groups" appears.

  3. Use the "New group" button to add as many attribute groups as you need:


  4. Click the "Save changes" button when you are done:


  5. The newly created groups will add to the product class details page:

    Now you can use these groups when creating attributes for this product class.

The further maintenance of the attribute groups is performed through the "Manage groups" popup:

Here you can:

  • re-arrange groups using the cross icons for drag-n-dropping;

  • delete groups using the respective trash icon (the attributes assigned to this group will not be deleted but moved to a "No group" section);

  • add new groups to the list.

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