A store admin can check the list of attributes added to a product class and manage these attributes on a respective product class details page in the "Classes & Attributes" section of the Admin area (Catalog > Classes & Attributes).

All changes applied to product class attributes via the "Classes & Attributes" section of the Admin area are applied store-wide and affect all products with the related product class assigned by far.

To view the list of attributes a product class has, a store admin should locate the respective product class on the "Classes & Attributes" page of the Admin area. Then it is necessary to click on the "Edit attributes (N)" link opposite it (where N stands for the number of attributes a product class has).

A store admin will see a list of all attributes assigned to this product class with the respective attribute types by value on a product class details page.

Editing Product Class Attributes Properties

To edit product class properties:

  1. On the Classes & Attributes page of your store Admin area (Catalog > Classes & Attributes), locate the product class you need to edit and click the respective Edit attributes link.

  2. In the list of product class attributes, locate the attribute you need to edit and hover a mouse over it. You will see the properties that can be edited directly on this page highlighted. These are the attribute name and display modes. You can also enable/disable the visibility toggle not living the product class details page.

    Click the Save changes button to make the changes active.

  3. To edit the attribute values (or both the attribute name and values), click the respective "Pencil" icon.

    It opens the "Edit attribute values" popup, where you will make the necessary changes.

    • If you want some or all of the attribute value(s) to be applied automatically to all the products that will have this product class assigned in the future, be sure to enable the check-mark icon opposite the names of the related attribute values (the check-mark icons should turn green):

    • If you want to change the attribute values sorting, use the "Cross" icons to re-arrange the values by drag-n-groping them:

    • If you want to apply the new sorting to all products that have this product class assigned by far, enable the check-box "Apply sorting globally."

      The "Apply sorting globally" setting affects the "active" attribute options, i.e., the options marked with a green check-box, and automatically applies to all products.

  4. When you complete editing, click "Save changes."

Editing the Display Mode

Starting with X-Cart v5.4.1.x, an online store allows switching the display mode of the plain field attributes from select-box to blocks in the storefront.

  • Display as a select box

  • Display as blocks


If necessary, a store administrator can change the display mode of an attribute directly on a product class attributes listing page in the "Classes & Attributes" section of the store's Admin area.

For this purpose, a store admin should:

  1. Locate the attribute to be edited in the list of product class attributes and check its "Display as" value.

  2. Click on the value and select an alternative in the drop-down. There are only two options - select box and blocks.

  3. Click the "Save changes" button at the bottom of the listing page.

For details, see Multi-Value Attributes.

Editing Attributes Visibility

Stating with v5.4.1.20, X-Cart allows displaying attributes on the product details page in the storefront above the product price.

The visibility is controlled by the "Display option above the price" toggle.

For the multi-valued attributes and the editable Textarea attributes (product options), the "Display option above the price" toggle is enabled by default and can not be disabled.

Re-Arranging Product Class Attributes

Change the attributes' order by drag-n-dropping the attributes using a "Cross" icon on the product class details page.

Save changes when you complete editing.

Deleting Product Class Attributes

Use the "Trash" icon opposite a product class attribute name to mark the respective attribute for deletion on the product class details page.

Don't forget to save changes when you complete the attributes management.

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