Once the Multicurrency add-on has been installed, it adds a possibility to enable several currencies on the Currencies page of Store setup -> Localization section of your store Admin area.


Before configuring the Multicurrency add-on, please ensure that the add-on Geolocation is installed and enabled.

General Settings

The Multicurrency add-on extends the default currency settings with the following options:

  • Online currency rates service: Choose a currency converter or set it to NONE to manually define conversion rates.

  • Currency converter API key: Specify your currency converter API key here.

    This field becomes available if The Currency Converter API or The Free Currency Converter API options are chosen as "Online currency rates service." To get an API key, please refer to https://www.currencyconverterapi.com/ and https://free.currencyconverterapi.com/, respectively.

  • Update online rates every: Set a periodicity of the rates revision.

When the main settings are configured, click "Save changes" and proceed to add extra currencies to the list available for display in the storefront.

Multiple Currencies Setup

To complete the Multicurrency add-on set-up, use the "Add currency" drop-down to enable as many display-only currencies in the storefront as you may need.

To add a new currency to the list:

  1. On the Currencies page of your store's Admin area (Store Setup -> Localization), select a currency code you want to add in a drop-down;

  2. Click the "Add currency" button.

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