This article applies to the specific software versions: The feature is available for shipments within the US only.

If you set up USPS delivery via Pitney Bowes services, you can create shipments to get an order tracking number and shipping label to attach to the order.

To create a shipment:

  1. Open the USPS Shipments tab of the regular order details page.

    Here you can specify the shipment details and, if required, add extra shipping options.

  2. Check the parameters in the Create Shipment section:

    • Method name: The name of the shipping method chosen for the order. You can change the shipping method on the General Info tab of the order details page.

    • Parcel type: A preset parameter defined in the Domestic USPS section of the USPS add-on settings page.

    • Weight (lbs): The shipment weight is automatically calculated based on the products' poundage included in the order (product weight is specified in the Shipping section of the product details page).

    • Dimensions (in): The values are preset based on the settings defined in the Common Options section of the USPS add-on settings page.

    • Irregular parcel girth: Specify this parameter for shipments of a larger size and if the package is non-rectangular or variable.

    • Special services: Choose the services applicable to the order. You will not be able to create shipments without adjusting this setting.

    • Label format: Choose the preferred shipping label format.

    • Label size: Choose the preferred shipping label size.

  3. Set the shipment parameters in the Shipment options section:

    • Hide total carrier charge: Turn on the toggle to hide the carrier shipping charge on the label.

    • Non-delivery option: Select what should be done if the package is not delivered.

    • Print custom message 1: This is a user-specified message that gets printed on the face of the label. The label allows printing a string of up to 50 characters.

    • Print custom message 2: This is a user-specified message that gets printed on the bottom of the label. The label allows printing a string of up to 50 characters.

    • Shipping label sender signature: Adds the sender's signature and the date on CN22 and CP72 shipping labels. Enter the signature as a string. The sender's signature date is automatically populated.

  4. Click Create shipment.

The newly created shipment info will display at the top of the USPS Shipments tab and will include:

  • Shipment ID information including date, shipping method name, package weight, and size;

  • order tracking number (also displayed on the order's General Info tab);

  • delivery cost;

  • shipping label.

If required, a store admin can update the shipment tracking info or void the shipment using the buttons of the same name in the shipment details.

To print a shipping label, a store admin should:

  1. Click the Print link in the shipment details:

  2. Follow the standard procedure.

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