The Free Shipping and Shipping Freights add-on gives a store admin the facilities for:

Setting Up Shipping Freight Rules

As a store admin, you can configure the basis of the shipping cost calculation for products with the assigned shipping freight on the Free shipping and Shipping freights add-on settings page. It can be either the product's shipping freight only or a sum of the product's shipping freight and the regular shipping rate set for the customer's location.


See more info on the Free shipping and Shipping freights add-on configuration here.

Assigning Shipping Freight to Products

To set up a shipping freight property for a product, follow the steps below:

  1. On the products' listing page of your store's Admin area (Catalog > Products), locate the product for which you need to set shipping freight.

  2. Click on the product name to access its details.

  3. On the Info tab of the product details, locate the Shipping section and set the Freight field value to the required amount.

  4. Click Update product.

Configuring a Shipping Method for Freight Fees

For the cases when a customer's shopping cart contains only products with a defined shipping freight and no other shipping methods are available, your store will need a shipping method selectable at checkout.

This method applies if you set the "Shipping cost for products with a defined shipping freight value should be calculated as" setting to "shipping freight only."

See Configuring the Free Shipping and Shipping Freights Add-on for details.

We provide a unique shipping method for this purpose -" Fixed-rate shipping." You can find this method in the "Shipping methods" section (Store Setup > Shipping) of your store's Admin area:


This method may not be disabled.

If necessary, you can edit the name and description of this method. To do so, click on the method name and adjust the information you require:


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