Intro to X-Cart

Get to know X-Cart and start using it

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X-Cart Software Installation & Security

Server requirements, installation, backups, server environment and security

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Store Setup

Basics of store configuration, email notifications, search & filtering, SEO & analytics, task automation, etc.

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Products and Catalog

Fill your store's catalog with products, categories and promo blocks

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Automotive Catalog

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Management of user accounts, roles

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Everything you need to know about data import and export in X-Cart

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Everything you need to know about adapting a store to your specific region or market

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Look and Feel

Everything about X-Cart themes (skins), storefront adaptations and layout changes

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Everything you need to know about checkout types and configuration in X-Cart

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Everything about shipping in X-Cart

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All about configuring taxes and tax rates

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Payment Methods

Learn about setting up payment methods

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Order Management

Everything and a little more about orders management in X-Cart

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Fraud Prevention

Learn about ways to prevent fraud

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Everything you need to know about business promotion

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X-Cart Marketplace (ex. Multivendor)

Everything about X-Cart with Marketplace features enabled

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X-Cart Updates

All you need to know on the software core and add-ons updates, their availability and application

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Articles on X-Cart Add-ons

Extend the core X-Cart functionality with more features

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Store Migration

Find out how you can move your store to X-Cart from another platform

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All you need to know about possible issues you may face and the ways to fix them

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Developer Docs

Documentation for X-Cart & X-Payments developers

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X-Payments Cloud

A PSD2/SCA ready & PCI Level 1 certified payment service for secure credit card processing and storage in online shops. Compatible with X-Cart.

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Payment Methods Available in X-Cart via X-Payments

Guides on configuring payment methods that can be made available in an X-Cart store connected to X-Payments Cloud

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