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General overview of the add-ons facilities in your X-Cart store.

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You can extend the default functionality of your X-Cart-based store by installing add-ons (modules).

Every X-Cart edition has a different set of add-ons installed and enabled out-of-the-box. You can view the list in the My Apps section.

  • X-Cart 5.4.x

  • X-Cart 5.5.x

Note: In X-Cart 5.4.x and earlier, the My Apps section is a part of the App Store and separated from the rest of the X-Cart store Admin area. Starting from X-Cart 5.5.0.x, the add-on management is performed within the X-Cart store Admin area.

Since X-Cart core functionality extends via installing a specific add-on, the overall management consists of the add-on installation, activation, set-up, deactivation, and deletion.

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