Managing Vendor Access Permissions

Learn about vendor roles and ways to adjust the set of permissions for specific vendor users

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A store administrator manages the access permissions for the store users using Roles (Users > Roles).

The Multi-Vendor add-on introduces a new "Vendor" user role, enabling access to the dedicated vendor area of the X-Cart store's back end and permissions to operate as a vendor. By default, access permissions for the role "Vendor" are as follows:

  • Manage vendor's catalog;

  • Manage vendor's orders;

  • Manage vendor's shipping settings.

If necessary, the store administrator can edit this role changing the role name or the set of access permissions which this role gives to its users.

Alternatively, the store administrator can create other vendor-related roles with some or all of the above-named vendor permissions.

If the administrator chooses to use more than one vendor-related role in their store, they need to set the default vendor role ("Role to assign to new vendor users") via the Multi-vendor add-on settings. See the "Role to assign to new vendor users" setting in the Onboarding section of the add-on settings page.

To change the access permissions of a vendor, the administrator can either change the role assigned to them or give them additional roles according to the functions they need to perform. Do this via the Access information section of the vendor's user profile (See the Account details tab).

More info on the management of roles is available in the section User Roles.

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