A person who wants to become a vendor in a multivendor X-Cart 5 based store can contact the store owner/storefront operator/administrator directly asking them to set up a vendor profile for them, or they can apply for a vendor account via the vendor registration page in the storefront (The store administrator will review the application and will be able to either approve or reject it.)

In X-Cart versions prior to, the page for vendor registration can be found here: http://_<your-domain>_/_<x-cart-5-directory>_/admin.php?target=register_vendor

In X-Cart versions and later, the vendor registration page can be accessed by clicking the Become a seller item in the Primary site menu:

X-Cart 5.3.x

X-Cart 5.4.x

or via the URL: http://_<your-domain>_/_<x-cart-5-directory>_/cart.php?target=register_vendor

(Be sure to replace the part http://<your-domain>/<x-cart-5-directory> with the actual address of your X-Cart 5 store).

Here’s an example of a vendor registration page:

The contents of the vendor registration page and the set of fields required for completion by a prospective vendor may vary depending on the store settings (More info on the management of the vendor registration page is available in the Managing the Vendor Registration Page section of this manual). The information submitted via the company name, description and company address fields of the vendor registration form (if such fields are present on the form and are completed by a prospective vendor) is used to pre-configure the vendor’s profile settings and (in the “Vendors as separate shops” Multivendor mode) the vendor’s ship-from address.

To apply for a vendor profile, a prospective vendor must complete and submit the registration form.

Once the form has been submitted, a new (unapproved) vendor user will be created in the store and a “Thank you” page will be displayed:

The store administrator will be able to see the registered vendor profile in the store’s Admin area. The administrator will be able to view the profile details of the prospective vendor and will have to approve or reject their application.

Depending on the store’s notification settings, email notifications may be sent in connection with the creation of a new vendor profile, as well as the approval or rejection of the vendor’s application. Typically, a vendor is notified about the approval (or rejection) of their application by email.

Once the vendor profile has been approved by the store administrator, they can log in to their personal area of the store’s back end and start selling.

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