The Layout Editor tool allows changing the position of any element on a page as well as hiding them from the view directly in the storefront.

To edit a page layout:

1. When logged in as a store administrator, choose a page in the storefront that you want to edit.

2. Click on the Layout Editor tab at the bottom of the page:


This opens the Layout Editor tool.

3. Enable the Drag-n-drop blocks option within the Layout Editor tool.


4. Hover a mouse to see the blocks that you can work with on the chosen page.


5. Apply the required changes:

  • To change a block‚Äôs position, pick it with a mouse, and start dragging.


The system will highlight a place on the page where the block can drop.

  • To disable a block, click on the EYE icon within it.


The block will be removed from the page and will list as disabled.

  • To enable a block back, click the Enable button that appears when hovering a mouse on a block name in the disabled blocks list.

  • To reset the page layout to the default state, click Reset layout.


6. Click Save to activate the changes.


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