Labels Editor is a tool of the Theme Tweaker add-on that aims at editing labels directly in the storefront where a store admin can see the text that needs to be changed. Using Labels Editor in the storefront makes labels editing easier as it does not require knowing the label name or whatever else.

To use Labels Editor:

1. When logged in as a store administrator, open a page in the storefront that you want to edit.

2. Click on the Labels Editor tab at the bottom of the page:


3. Make sure the Highlight labels option is turned ON.


This highlights all the labels that you can edit directly on this page.

4. Click on a label you want to edit.


In the pop-up that appears:

  • Change the label name;

  • Click Save to make the changes active.

That’s it, the label will be changed throughout the whole store.

If you need to edit the page labels in any other language enabled in your store:

  • turn off the Highlight labels option,

  • change the store-front language,

  • turn the Highlight labels option on again and edit the labels you need.


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