Viewing Vendor Statistics

Learn how to check vendor order statistics, bestsellers, financial statistics, and transaction history in your online store Admin area.

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A store administrator can check vendor stats data on orders and bestsellers and view the joined financial report on vendor sales and earnings.

Viewing Vendor Order Statistics

The store administrator can use the Statistics section (Orders > Statistics) to view the store’s sales statistics. By default, the Order Statistics tab in this section shows the store’s overall sales statistics based on all the orders in the store. If needed, the store administrator can use the same tab to access the statistics on the sales of specific vendors.

To view the order statistics for a specific vendor, the store administrator needs to enter the vendor’s company name or email address into the filter at the top of the order statistics table:

Viewing Vendor Bestsellers

The store administrator can use the Bestsellers tab of the Statistics section (Orders > Statistics) to view the statistics on the store’s bestselling products.

Similarly to order statistics, the bestsellers statistics can be filtered by vendor:

Viewing Vendor Financial Statistics

The store administrator can use the Vendor statistics section (Orders > Vendor Statistics) to view the financial statistics for specific vendors, including the information about each vendor’s all-time earnings on sales via the store, the amount paid out to them, and the amount remaining to be paid out:

For each vendor, the following information is provided:

  • Vendor: Vendor to whom the information pertains.

  • Transaction history: The link to view all the transactions for the vendor in the transaction history.

  • Income: How much money has been earned by the vendor on sales via the store.

  • Expense: What part of the vendor’s earnings has been paid out to them by the storefront operator.

  • Request for payment: How much money has been requested for payout by the vendor.

  • Liability: The amount that remains to be paid to the vendor by the storefront operator.

Viewing Vendor Transaction History

The store administrator can view the history of transactions reflecting the movement of the money earned on the sales of vendor products between the accounts of the store owner and the vendors using the Vendor Transactions section.

To view all transactions for all vendors, the store administrator should select Orders > Vendor Transactions in the Admin menu. To view the transactions for a specific vendor, the administrator should click the Open transactions history for the respective vendor in the Vendor Statistics section (Orders > Vendor Statistics) or to filter transactions in the Vendor Transactions section (Orders > Vendor Transactions) by vendor profile.

More info on vendor transactions is available in Vendor Payouts and Transactions Tracking.

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