Once an order has been placed for a vendor’s product, the vendor can see the respective order added to the list of orders in the Orders section of the store’s back end (Orders > Orders list):

By clicking on the Order # of this order, the vendor can view the order details.

In the “Warehouse” multivendor mode, if the original order contains products of more than one vendor, each of the vendors has the following order management capabilities:

  • can view only the information pertaining to the products they own;

  • can see the payment and shipping methods selected by the buyer, but cannot see the shipping cost;

  • cannot edit any order details, change the order statuses or add order tracking information (These functions are carried out by the administrator).

In the “Vendors as separate shops” mode, a separate order is formed for the products of each vendor, so each vendor gets a separate order to which they have full access. In this mode vendors have the following order management capabilities:

  • can view the list of ordered items, the payment method, the shipping method and the shipping cost;

  • can view and update the payment and shipping order statuses;

  • can edit any order details (for example, if a mistake was made when placing an order);

  • can add order tracking information.

Vendors can access their statistics on orders and bestsellers via the Statistics section (Orders > Statistics). The order statistics can be viewed via the Order statistics tab:

The bestsellers statistics can be accessed via the Best sellers tab:

Vendors can also track the movement of the money from the sales of their products to their account via the My transactions section (My account > My transactions):

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