In a multivendor store, a vendor who has funds on their earning balance can request a payout of their earnings by submitting a payout request to the store owner/storefront operator using the Request payout button on the Vendor transactions page (My account > My transactions) of the Vendor area.

Note that if the store administrator has set a minimum limit on the amount of funds that must be accumulated on a vendor’s earning balance for the vendor to be able to request a payout (via the “Minimal vendor balance to request a payout” setting), the vendor will have access to the Request payout button only if the earning balance amount requirement is met. If the vendor’s earning balance is below the specified amount, the button will not appear.

If the store administrator has set a requirement that vendors must upload an invoice when they submit a payout request (via the “Require to upload an invoice with a payout request” setting), a popup will appear allowing the vendor to submit an invoice:

The vendor will not be able to submit a payout request without submitting an invoice file.

Once a payout request is submitted, a success message will be displayed and a Request for payout transaction will be created (visible both to the vendor and the store administrator):

Once the store administrator approves or declines the payout request, the information on the Vendor transactions page will be updated to reflect the changes:

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