Requesting Vendor Payouts

Learn how to create a payout request as a vendor.

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In a multi-vendor store, a vendor with funds on their earning balance can request a payout by submitting a request to the store owner using the Request payout button on the Vendor Transactions page (My Account > My Transactions) of the Vendor area.

In marketplaces with vendor balance limitations, vendors will only have access to the Request payout button if the earning balance meats the amount set by the store administrator via the "Minimal vendor balance to request a payout" setting. If the vendor’s earning balance is below the specified amount, the button will not appear.

If the store administrator requires a vendor to submit an invoice to place a payout request (via the "Require to upload an invoice with a payout request" setting), they will have this option in the popup:

The vendor will not be able to place a payout request without submitting an invoice file.

Vendors will see a confirmation message after a successful payout request submission. The marketplace will register a "Request for a payout" transaction visible both to the vendor and the store administrator:

Once the store administrator approves or declines the payout request, the marketplace will update the information on the Vendor Transactions page to reflect the changes:

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