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Getting New Products Approved for Publishing

Learn how non-trusted vendors can submit new products for approval.

Written by Anna Verbichenko
Updated over a week ago

In a multi-vendor X-Cart store with the Trusted/Non-Trusted Vendors add-on installed and active, trusted vendors can add their products without approval from the administrator. Non-trusted vendors have to submit new products for approval by the store administrator before they get published on the storefront.

Any products created by non-trusted vendors may not be enabled using X-Cart’s standard ON/OFF controls before approval is obtained (The ON/OFF controls for such products are disabled).

Once a new product is created by a non-trusted vendor in the Vendor area, the vendor sees a panel in the lower part of the Info tab of the product details page displaying the product status as "Product is unapproved." The vendor can submit the product for approval by clicking the Send for approval button on the same panel:

Once this happens, the status of the product is updated to "Product is sent for approval":

The vendor then has to wait for the store administrator to review the new product and either approve or decline its publication. When this happens, the vendor will get a notification via email.

The status of the product will be updated, respectively, to:

  • Product is approved

  • Product is declined

If a product gets declined, the vendor will need to fix the product details according to the store administrator's recommendations and re-submit it for approval after updating the product details.

The "Send for approval" button on the details page of a declined product is re-activated when the vendor updates it. The changes may not necessarily meet the recommendations; X-Cart does not have a method to check that.

Note that after a product gains the "Product is approved" status, it remains approved - even if the vendor edits its details.

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