Once a new vendor staff profile has been created, the vendor needs to send an invitation to the staff member so they can log in to their profile, confirm their staff status and begin their work.

To send an invitation, the vendor uses the “Send” button provided on the line of the respective vendor staff profile:

Once an invitation has been sent, the “Send” button changes to “Re-send”:

The vendor can use the “Re-send” link to send the invitation once again. This may be helpful if the original invitation is not received, lost or deleted by the recipient.

The invitation that is sent to new vendor staff members contains a link they should use to log in to the store and complete their registration by setting up a password and confirming their staff status. Once a new vendor staff member has used that link and confirmed their status as a staff member, the invitation status is updated to “Accepted”:

For accepted vendor staff invitations, the vendor can see the date and time when the invitation was accepted.

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