When an existing vendor wants to invite another user to work on the products and orders in their dedicated vendor area as a staff member, they create a new user profile for them and send an invitation to their email address. The new user has to accept the invitation to get the role of a vendor staff member.

Here’s how a new staff member accepts the invitation:

Each vendor staff invitation contains a link that the new user can use to access the store. When they follow this link, they are provided with access to a registration form where they can set up their password.

After submitting a password and a password confirmation, the user is thanked for the registration and is prompted to accept the invitation confirming their status as staff:

To accept the invitation, the new staff member needs to clicks the Confirm button.

When this happens, the store administrator can see that the invitation was accepted.

Now the new vendor staff member can log in to the working area of the vendor who invited them and begin their work. The scope of resources available to the new vendor staff member will depend on whether the vendor has given them full or limited access. More information on vendor staff access levels is available in the section Multiple Profiles for Vendors: Staff Member Access Levels of this manual.

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