If you are considering moving your store to X-Cart from another e-commerce platform, it might seem like a difficult task. In reality, there are ways to make the migration a worry-free process, much easier than you might think.

To migrate your existing online store to X-Cart, you have the following options:

  1. Hire X-Cart to migrate the data for you.

  2. Use a popular third-party data migration service - via a ready-made X-Cart migration add-on.

  3. (If using X-Cart Enterprise) Use your own migration solution.

Hire X-Cart to migrate the data for you

Probably the easiest and most reliable method to migrate your store data to X-Cart is to use X-Cart's in-house data migration service. For details, see the page Shopping Cart Migration Service by X-Cart. On this page, you will be able to find a list of 70+ supported platforms from which we can help you to migrate.

Simply choose the name of the platform from which you would like to migrate, and we can estimate the migration process for free.

There is also our Ecommerce Replatforming guide that provides everything you need to know about switching e-commerce platforms.

Hiring X-Cart to move your store data will provide you with the best experience as we have deep knowledge of all the technical aspects of our X-Cart solutions and work hard to understand the specifics of your business to ensure that after the move your new X-Cart store will be configured as closely to your previous store setup as possible.

Another easy solution for migrating your e-commerce project to X-Cart is to use an automated migration service by a third-party provider; for example, the Cart2Cart Shopping Cart Migration service by MagneticOne or the X-Cart Migration service by LitExtension.

For the migration with Cart2Cart (MagneticOne), you can download one of the following free add-ons from the X-Cart App Store:

For the migration with X-Cart Migration service (LitExtension), use one of the following add-ons:

Note that switching your store platform to X-Cart with the automated migration services by Magnetic One or LitExtension is likely to require more extensive involvement on your part: these services ensure the transfer from one store to the other of all the common data types, but you will have to check and re-adjust all the settings to implement your business specifics in your new X-Cart store.

Use your own migration solution

If you are an X-Cart developer or have a team of professional developers willing to help you with the transfer of your store data to X-Cart (X-Cart Enterprise), you can develop (or have developed for you) an extension/add-on that will allow you to move your store data from your current platform to X-Cart via an API.

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