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Check this section if you have any billing-related questions about your X-Cart subscription.

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How do I update my payment details associated with X-Cart subscriptions?

You may need to update the credit card on file to ensure successful renewals if any of the situations below occur:

  • Your credit card issuer declines the transaction if it looks suspicious or is outside your regular spending pattern.

  • Your credit card has insufficient funds.

  • Your credit card might be expired.

Please contact your card issuer to ensure the credit card is alright and the bank does not block the transaction.

If you still need to change the credit card associated with a subscription, kindly follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your PayPro account using the following link: Your login name is your email address used for the payments.

  2. If you want to register a new credit card in your PayPro account, please open section MY CREDIT CARDS and use the option ‘Add New Card.’ The new credit card will appear in the credit cards list in the MY CREDIT CARDS section.

  3. If you have several credit cards on the list, you can make one primary for it to be used for recurring payments.

  4. The Primary credit card must be associated with a recurring subscription to ensure successful payments. In section SUBSCRIPTIONS, find the subscription you need to update, click Change card next to it, and select the primary credit card from the drop-down menu.

I am using PayPal for my recurring payments. How do I change the payment data on file/fix the failed renewal?

If you are using your PayPal account to pay for a subscription and a renewal fails, this may happen due to the following reasons:

  • PayPal may have declined the transaction.

  • Your account has insufficient funds.

Please contact PayPal support and ask them to authorize recurring payments to the X-Cart company.

Alternatively, the current service subscription can be canceled, and a new one can be ordered as a prolongation and paid with a different PayPal account or credit card.

We can cancel the current subscription for you, or you can do this yourself in the Subscriptions section of your PayPro Global account at

For any assistance, please send us a message at!

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