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Learn how to configure access filters in the Block Users by IP add-on.

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After the Block Users by IP add-on has been installed and configured, you can limit access to your store for visitors from certain territories and block existing user accounts if required.

Restrict Access for Groups of Visitors

To limit access to your store for groups of visitors, you need to configure access filters.

For this purpose:

  1. In your store's Admin area, open the Access Filters page (Store setup -> Access Filters) and click Create.

    You will see the Access Filter page to configure the filter properties.

  2. Configure the set of options for your filter:

    • Condition type: Use the dropdown to select a method to distinguish a user. Depending on the chosen type, you will be able to specify:

      • IP address: an exact IP address;

      • IP address mask: a mask for a group of IP addresses;

      • IP range by CIDR: CIDR IPv4 and IPv6 address spaces;

      • IP address country: a country to which IP addresses belong (each additional country requires a separate filter);

      • User-agent: a user agent pattern.

    • Filter type: Select whether you want to give or forbid access to the site for users with the specified condition type.

    • Filter range: Select what part of your store site should be (in)accessible to the users with the specified condition type.

    • Reason (optional): Specify the reason for applying the limitations.

  3. Click Create to complete the creation of the filter.

The newly created filter will become available on the Access filters page:

Blocking Existing User Accounts

You can also create filters based on a particular order or user information if they look like fraud to you.

For this purpose:

  1. Open either the Order details page of an order (Orders -> Order list) or the user's Account details page (Users -> User list) that you wish to use as a basis for your filter.

  2. Locate the IP address section and click the "Start creation of filter for this IP" button.

  3. The Access Filter page opens.

  4. Create a new filter for the chosen IP address.

  5. Click Create to complete the creation of your filter.

X-Cart will add the newly created filter to the list of your filters.

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