About Single Sign-On Add-on

A general overview of the Single Sign-On with OAuth 2 add-on facilities.

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The add-on "Single Sign-On with OAuth 2" is available for X-Cart 5.3.0.x - 5.4.1.x

The Single Sign-On with OAuth 2 add-on allows using accounts in Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, PayPal, or any other identity provider working with the OAuth 2.0 protocol as a login to an X-Cart-based store.

A store admin can select providers to enable, sort them, and choose where to display: on the registration page, checkout page, or both.

All connected social accounts display right on the customer profile page, creating personalized offers based on the customer's social account analysis.

For the owners of multiple X-Cart-based stores, the add-on allows configuring X-Cart as an oAuth2 provider for customers to reuse the account created once.

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