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Single Sign-On with OAuth 2
Configuring and Managing OAuth Providers
Configuring and Managing OAuth Providers

Learn how to configure, enable, and maintain identity providers for the Single Sign-On with OAuth 2 add-on.

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After completing the general add-on setup, you can proceed with configuring and managing OAuth Providers allowed for sign-in in your store.

The Single Sign-On with OAuth 2 add-on provides the Providers page for the purpose (Store Setup -> Providers):

On this page, you will see a list of all identity providers working with the OAuth 2.0 protocol as a login integrated into X-Cart by far. You can select and enable any you like. Later you can maintain configured providers directly on the listing page.

All not configured providers will be specially marked:

Configuring an OAuth Provider

To configure a provider:

  1. Click on a link in the Name column.

    You will see a page for provider setup.
    ​We took the Facebook provider details page as a sample.

  2. Configure the provider details.

    • GENERAL PROPERTIES (same for all providers)

      • Link name: A name of the link displayed on the providers' list in the Admin area.

      • Tooltip: Add a tooltip for a provider icon (optional).

      • Enabled: Turn on to enable sign-in with this provider.

      • Display in the site header: Turn on to display the provider sign-in icon in the storefront header.

      • Display on checkout: Turn on to display provider sign-in option on the checkout page.

    • PROVIDER ACCOUNT SETTINGS (vary depending on a provider)
      The fields you will need to set up in this section will vary for each provider.

      Some providers require a special app created for a store to connect. If this is the case, you will see the "Documentation" and "Create application" links at the top of the provider details page that should help you in further configuration. Follow the links to get instructions.

      See a provider configuration sample here.

  3. Click Update to save the configuration settings.

That's it! The selected provider is set up and enabled.

Managing Configured Providers

You can manage the provider properties directly on the listing page for all configured providers if required.

The Providers listing page of your store's Admin area (Store Setup -> Providers) allows:

  • Re-arranging providers by drag-n-dropping them to the required position with the help of the Double-cross icon.

    The providers sorting in the storefront reflects the order in the Admin area.

  • Enabling/Disabling configured providers.

  • Changing the provider link name.

  • Enabling/Disabling the provider icon in the storefront header and the checkout page.

Click Save changes to make the changes active.

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