Managing Pop-ups' List

An overview of the sample pop-ups with the guidelines on the pop-up list maintenance.

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The Pop-up Anywhere add-on comes with a set of sample popups that display on the Popups page of your store's Admin area (Discounts -> Popups).

By default, the list of popups contains six samples that are aimed to demonstrate different types of popup setups:

  • a standard popup,

  • a popup with a custom template,

  • a notification bar,

  • a notification bar with a mini-cart and a Checkout button,

  • an exit offer.

Some of the samples are enabled, some are not. You can disable all or even delete them altogether when you decide you no longer need them.

To see the configuration settings, click on the popup name. The details page will open, providing facilities to edit the properties if required.

The list will automatically include all new popups created in your store. The popups' listing page allows a store administrator to:

  • enable/disable popups;

  • delete popups;

  • filter popups by name.

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