When you log in to your X-Cart store Admin area, the first thing that you see is the Admin area Home page:

X-Cart Admin Home page shows information about orders awaiting processing, bestseller products, and products with low stock, as well as your store’s recent sales stats and other useful information. Right after the software installation, the Admin Home page also provides the X-Cart Quickstart Onboarding Wizard to help a store admin with the initial store setup.

To return to the Home page from any other page of the Admin area, click on the store logo icon in the left-hand side corner of the screen.

Let us take a closer look at the specific elements of the Admin area Home page:

Software Version

The version and the edition of your store's software display in the left-hand side corner.

In case the sidebar menu is closed, the software version is hidden, and you see only the X-Cart icon instead. This icon allows returning to the store home page from any store page.

Admin Header

The Admin area header allows to hide and display the sidebar menu, open and close the storefront, and provide quick search and access to the admin account data.

These are accessible from any page of the store's Admin area.


The header's search bar allows you to quick-search through the products, users, and orders from any Admin area page.

To use the tool, select the type of data you would like to search in the dropdown and type your search request in the search bar.

If you prefer typing by hand to selecting from the dropdown menu, type in your request in the search bar using the format <data type key>: <your search request> (for example, “o: 00004” if you are searching for Order #00004) and hit Enter.

Storefront Accessibility

A store admin can access the storefront and open/close it for customers in one click directly from the Admin area's header.

The ON/OFF toggle opens and closes the storefront for customers.

Before it, a 'Your store is' link to access the storefront is provided. A store admin can use the link to access the storefront regardless of whether its current state is open or closed. The storefront will open in a new browser tab and will appear open/working for the store admin in any case, even if the toggle is switched off in the Admin area header. To make this possible, a special storefront activation ShopKey is used. The ShopKey enables the administrator to check the storefront operation while the store is closed for customers. To see the storefront in the exact way it looks for customers, a store admin will need to log out of their account or open the storefront in an incognito window of the web browser.

Admin Account and Help Docs

To edit your personal admin account information, open the dropdown menu under the Admin icon on the right-hand side of the header and select ‘My Profile.’

From the same dropdown menu, a store admin can access the Purchases page in the App Store, check X-Cart Knowledge Base and Dev Docs, or report a software bug.

Info Dashboard

The Info Dashboard on the Admin Home page provides information about your customers’ orders awaiting processing and products that sell the best (bestsellers).

The ‘Orders awaiting processing’ board provides information on the latest five orders placed in the store (see more info on the orders awaiting processing here). You can proceed to the details of any of these orders by clicking on its order number.

The ‘Bestsellers’ board shows the products that have been sold the most. You can use it to get a list of all-time bestsellers or limit the range to a certain period. Also, it is possible to get bestseller statistics on either all the products (both in stock and sold out) or just the products currently in stock.

Onboarding Wizard

When you enter your X-Cart store Admin Home page for the first time, you cannot miss the green box that says, “Let’s set up your store! - Continue”. That is the place to start X-Cart’s Quickstart Onboarding Wizard.

Sale Stats, Notifications, and Alerts

The block on the Admin Home page's right-hand side provides your store’s sales statistics for the last 48 hours. It also notifies you about certain types of events by displaying alerts in special blocks and provides links to useful resources you may need to run your store.

The notification panels are visible in this block only if you have notifications. Generally, there can be up to 3 notification panels in the block:


Sidebar Menu

All the tools you need to manage your store are available in the main Admin menu in the sidebar to the left.

Usually, the sidebar menu is hidden when you see it for the first time. To expand the menu, it is necessary to click the icon in the header.

This menu includes the following sections:

  • Orders: This section provides all the necessary tools required for order management and processing.

  • Catalog: This section provides all the required tools for catalog management and the tools for data import and export.

  • Users: This section provides all the necessary tools for the management of user accounts.

  • Discounts: This section provides all the necessary tools to promote the goods you are selling, including volume discounts and coupons.

  • Content: This section provides all the required tools to manage the storefront navigation and content.

  • Marketing (Sales Channels in X-Cart 5.3.x and earlier): This section provides access to software integrations like MailChimp, eBay, Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads, Google product feed, and many others that can help you with the store promotion in different sales channels.

  • Apps (My Add-ons in X-Cart 5.4.0x and earlier): This section provides access to the X-Cart App Store and the list of add-ons installed in your store.

  • Look & Feel: This section provides the tools required to set up and maintain the storefront.

  • Store Setup: This section provides tools to adjust every aspect of your store configuration. Here you can specify the store locale and business info, specify the type of checkout you would like to enable for shoppers, set up the address zones, taxes, payment, and shipping methods, manage the email notifications that may be sent to users, adjust the store SEO settings, translate your store into other languages and so on.

  • System Tools: This section provides some tools for advanced Admin area management. Use it when you need to back up your store, check the system logs and current environment description, clear the data cache, configure HTTPS settings or perform consistency and integrity checks.

Customer Care Chat

Chat is the last but not least of the tools in your store Admin area, and it is aimed to help you to reach out to the X-Cart Customer Care any time you need help with your store setup and maintenance.

The tool is available on every page of your store Admin area. To use it, simply click on the ‘Chat’ icon and send your question to a Customer Care agent. Our help chat is available 24/7.

If you do not need this tool in your store Admin area, you can remove it at any time by disabling the “Concierge” add-on in the X-Cart App Store:

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