Data export is a convenient way to get structured information out of your X-Cart store. Most commonly, data export can be used when you need to provide someone with information from your store, but you do not want to give this person access to your store Admin area. Export will also help if you need to transfer some data from your store to a CMS or a mailing system not integrated with X-Cart directly.

Another possible use for export is to get a sample file for importing data into X-Cart. For example, if you want to import data of a specific type but do not know what fields correspond to this data type and how the data in those fields need to be formatted for the CSV file to be imported error-free. In this case, you can add just a couple of items of the type you require via your X-Cart store Admin area manually (or use the existing demo data) and then export the data type you require to CSV. This way, you will have a pattern to follow when formatting your data for import into the store via CSV.

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