The "Terms & Conditions" page is a part of the Simple CMS add-on in your online store:

With the Simple CMS add-on installed and enabled, the footer of your store site contains a link to your store's "Terms & Conditions" page:

Click on this link, and you will see our dummy text for this page:

Editing the "Terms and Conditions" Page Content

To replace the default text with your own "Terms and Conditions":

  1. On the Pages section (Content > Pages) of your store's Admin area, locate the entry for the "Terms and Conditions" page:

  2. Click on the page name ("Terms and conditions"). The page will open for editing:

  3. Edit the page details and content as you require, as described here.

  4. Click Save or Save & Close at the bottom of the page to save the changes.

Enabling/Disabling the "Terms and Conditions" Page

You can control the availability of the "Terms and Conditions" page to visitors using the ON/OFF switch.

To disable/enable the "Terms and Conditions" page:

  1. Click on the ON/OFF icon to choose the desired page state (green = enabled, grey = disabled).

  2. Click the Save changes button.

Deleting the "Terms and Conditions" Page

If you do not want to use X-Cart's Terms and conditions page at all, you can delete it:

  1. In the Pages section (Content > Pages), click on the Trash icon opposite the "Terms and Conditions" page:

    Your online store will mark the page for deletion.

  2. Click Save changes. The page will be removed.

Hiding the "Terms and Conditions" Page from the Footer Menu

If you do not like to display the "Terms & Conditions" page link in the site's footer, you can disable it in the Footer menu. The link will be removed from the site footer, but your customers will still be able to access the page via a direct link which you can place anywhere on your site.

To hide the "Terms & Conditions" page link from the Footer menu:

  1. Select the Footer menu tab on the Menus page (Content > Menus) of your store's Admin area.

  2. Locate the Info Links menu and click on the items included in it.

  3. On the page that opens, locate the "Terms and Conditions" line and switch off the page link by clicking on the ON/OFF icon in front of it (the icon should turn grey):

  4. Click Save changes.

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