Configuring your CCBill Account

Learn about things to configure in your CCBill account before connecting it to your X-Cart-based store

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Before you start using the CCBill plugin via the CCBill Integration add-on on your online store, it is necessary to configure a few things in your CCBill account.

Please ensure the settings in your CCBill account are correct; otherwise, the add-on will not work.

Activate Dynamic Pricing

Please work with your CCBill support representative to activate "Dynamic Pricing" for your account. You can verify that dynamic pricing is active by selecting Account Info and then Feature Summary under the Manage the Sub Accounts tab of your Admin Portal. As a result, your Dynamic pricing status appears at the bottom of the Billing Tools section.

Create a Salt / Encryption Key

A "salt" is a string of random data used to make your encryption more secure. CCBill Merchant Support will generate your Salt/Encryption Key. Once set, it will be visible at Sub Account Admin > Advanced. Additionally, it will appear in the Encryption Key field of the Upgrade Security Setup Information section.

Disable User Management

Since you will use this account for Dynamic Pricing transactions (not managing user subscriptions), User Management must be disabled.

  1. Sign in to the Admin Portal.

  2. On the Account Info mega menu, click Sub Account Admin. Then, in the left menu, click User Management.

  3. In the Username Settings section, select Do Not Collect Usernames and Passwords.

Create a New Payment Form

Payment forms are displayed to customers after they choose to check out. In the case of CCBill, the payment form will accept your customer payment information, process the payment, and return the customer to your X-Cart store, where a confirmation message will be is displayed.

Important: CCBill provides two types of billing forms. However, the X-Cart CCBill Integration add-on does not support FlexForms, so you need to set up the standard form.

To create a new standard payment form:

  1. Sign in to the Admin Portal and navigate to Form Admin.

  2. In the left menu, click Create New Form.

  3. Select the appropriate option under Billing Type. (In most cases, this will be Credit Card.)

  4. Select Standard under Form Type, unless you intend to customize your form.

  5. Select the desired layout and click Submit at the bottom of the page.

That is it. Your new form has been created and is now visible in the table under View All Forms. In this example, our form is named 201cc. Be sure to note the name of your new form, as you will need it to configure CCBil in the X-Cart configuration section.

Configure CCBill Account Settings

To configure your CCBill Account settings, follow the steps below:

  1. First, click on the title of the newly created form to edit it.

  2. Select Basic from the left menu.

  3. Set the following options:

Configure Background Post Information for your X-Cart Store

While still in the Sub Account Admin section, select Advanced from the left menu. Notice the top section titled Background Post Information. We will be modifying the Approval Post URL and Denial Post URL fields.

Your CCBill account is now configured. In your CCBill admin interface, navigate to Sub Account Admin and ensure the information displayed is correct.

Now you can log in to your X-Cart store and connect it to your CCBill account.

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