You can integrate an X-Cart store with Braintree, A PayPal Service. Currently, there are two Braintree integration add-ons available in the X-Cart Marketplace:

The add-ons use different APIs and different accounts and provide different sets of features. The two add-ons may not be used simultaneously, so you will need to choose one solution.

The add-on “Braintree payment gateway” was historically our first Braintree integration based on an earlier version of Braintree API. This Braintree integration features a payment card entry form displayed via an iframe. Due to this, not much can be done to customize the form. However, this type of integration supports Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal Credit, and Venmo.

The add-on “PayPal powered by Braintree” is the newer of the two. It is the most advanced payment solution from PayPal to date, and it is based on the latest Braintree API. The payment card entry form in this type of integration is generated by the store, which provides some options for customization. At the time of writing this article, “PayPal powered by Braintree” does not support Apple Pay and the other above-listed solutions that are available for “Braintree payment gateway.”

Both the APIs are available to users in the USA, UK, France, Italy, and Spain. The API used by the add-on “Braintree payment gateway” is also available in some other countries.

Depending on the X-Cart version you are using, a Braintree integration add-on may already be installed in your X-Cart store or require an installation from an X-Cart App Store.

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