This guide assumes that the Amazon Pay add-on has been installed and enabled in your store.

To start using Amazon Pay:

  1. First, register your Amazon Pay account.

    Sign up for FREE:

    • here if you have a US-based business;

    • here if you have a UK-based business;

    • here if you have a Germany-based business.

  2. Log in to Amazon's Seller Central at to complete a few extra steps. If you've registered for multiple Amazon services, you'll see a dropdown at the top of the page that lets you move between the different services.


  3. Create a test account to use in the Sandbox mode.

    Select "Amazon Payments Advanced (Sandbox View)" from the dropdown box at the top of the screen. Then, under "Integration" -> "Test Accounts," you can create test accounts for use in Sandbox mode. For example, you can use the sandbox mode for test orders not processing an actual payment.


  4. Set up your account.

    Select "Amazon Payments Advanced (Production View)" from the dropdown box at the top of the screen. Next, you'll need to complete a tax interview and set up your bank account, even if you've already done it for an existing account. You'll see a message and links to complete these steps on your home page when you switch to the Production View.


  5. Get your account keys (You will need to enter them in X-Cart) in the "Integration" -> "MWS Access Key" section:


    • Your Merchant ID

    • Your Access Key ID

    • Your Secret Access Key

  6. In a new browser tab or window, log in to the Admin interface of your X-Cart store. Copy the account keys from Seller Central and paste them into X-Cart on the Amazon Pay add-on settings page. Specify the rest of the settings (Operation mode, Currency, Capture mode) as required and save the configuration. We recommend setting the Operation mode to "Test" first, so you can create some orders in Sandbox mode and see how it works.

    For more info on the add-on configuration settings, see Amazon Pay Add-on Setup.

  7. In Seller Central, configure your instant notification settings (IPN):

    Under "Settings" -> "Integration Settings," enter your Merchant URL.


    The Sandbox and Production accounts have different values for this setting, so you must switch the view using the dropdown box to set both at the top of the screen. The URL you'll need to enter is httрs://<YOUR_XCART_STORE>/cart.php?target=amazon_checkout&isipn=Y (HTTPS is required when you configure your IPN URL for the production account. HTTP is only allowed for testing since no private customer data is passed in test mode).

  8. In case you wish to use custom graphics (company logo) in the pop-up window where buyers will sign in to Amazon Pay, upload the image in Seller Central (This is called "Pop-up Window Banner" under "Settings" -> "Integration Settings"). Banner images must be 520 pixels wide by 50 pixels tall, and they must have no animation. Image files should be in .jpg or .gif format.

  9. Test your setup in Sandbox mode. You can use the test account you set up earlier. We recommend trying out both your customer-facing checkout flow and order management to get a feel for how orders are processed.

  10. Once you're ready to go live with your Amazon Pay add-on, switch the add-on to production mode by setting its Operation mode to "Live," and you should be ready to go.

  11. Order Management

    You manage orders entirely within X-Cart's order management interface, as you would with a standard credit card payment gateway. There's no need to process orders via Amazon's Seller Central website as with Checkout by Amazon.

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