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PayPal Partner Hosted with PCI Compliance
PayPal Partner Hosted with PCI Compliance

Lean how to set up PayPal Partner Hosted with PCI Compliance payment in your store.

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PayPal Partner Hosted with PCI Compliance can be enabled in an X-Cart-based store via the add-on PayPal by the X-Cart team. PayPal Partner Hosted is a payment solution integrated into X-Cart via PayPal API v1. Using this payment solution, customers can pay directly on your site using their credit or debit card without redirecting to PayPal. Instead, the credit card details your customers enter on the checkout pages of your store are passed securely to PayPal behind the scenes.

Here's how to start accepting payments with PayPal Partner Hosted with PCI Compliance:

  1. Make sure the add-on PayPal is installed and enabled in your X-Cart store.

  2. Go to the Payment Methods page in your X-Cart store's Admin area (Store Setup > Payment Methods). Then, in the Online methods section, click Add payment method:


  3. In the popup box, find the method PayPal Partner Hosted with PCI Compliance and click Add opposite it.


    Remember that Add switches to Settings if you have installed this method previously.

  4. After adding the payment method, configure its settings:


    โ€‹Your account settings:

    • Partner name: Partner ID of the partner that signed you up for the account. If you signed up directly through PayPal, this would be "PayPal."

    • Merchant login: The merchant login name you chose when you signed up for the service.

    • User: The username that you have set up for running transactions. If you have not set up a username to run transactions, this will be the same as the "Merchant login."

    • Password: The password for the user account.

    โ€‹Additional settings:

    • Transaction type (Auth and Capture or Auth only): The type of initial transaction.

    • Test/Live mode: PayPal operating mode. ('Live' should be selected for live stores, 'Test' - for testing.)

    • Order id prefix: A prefix that will help you identify a payment transaction originating from this X-Cart store.

  5. Click "Save changes" at the bottom of the page to save your configuration settings.

  6. You can control the status of your "PayPal Partner Hosted with PCI Compliance" method via the Payment Methods page (Store Setup > Payment Methods). First, make sure the payment method is active:


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