The information in this guide pertains to the RTL Languages Support add-on that used to be available for download through the X-Cart App Store, but not any longer. This is a legacy article, no longer supported.

Currently, we can provide the functionality of RTL Language Support as a custom development service. More information is available here: RTL Languages Support.

The RTL Languages Support add-on allows displaying the site right-to-left when a particular language is selected in the storefront.

You can use this add-on to create your own RTL skin based on the default X-Cart template.

The RTL Languages Support add-on is fully compatible with the default X-Cart skins: Standard, Crisp White, and F2 skin. And it is easy to fine-tune to work with custom skins.

The add-on adds a special RTL checkbox to the Languages page in the Admin area (Store setup -> Translations):


By enabling the RTL checkbox for a language, you make a store using one of the standard skins to be displayed right-to-left when this language is selected in the customer storefront:


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