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Register On Checkout Add-on
About the Register on Checkout Add-on (legacy)
About the Register on Checkout Add-on (legacy)

General overview of he add-on facilities.

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The information in this guide pertains to the "Register On Checkout" add-on that used to be available for download through the X-Cart App Store, but not any longer. This is a legacy article, no longer supported.

Currently, we can provide this functionality as a custom development service. More information is available here: Register On Checkout.

If you want to be sure that any buyer has a registered profile in your store, use the Register On Checkout add-on.

When installed and enabled, the add-on automatically disables checkout from unauthorized customers and engages them to register at checkout.


Repeat customers will have to sign in with an existing account, while first-time buyers will need to register a new account in your store.

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