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Below is an explanation of some attributes that we use to describe specific fields of an import CSV file from the viewpoint of a value type imported through them. Use this information to read the tables in the section CSV Format by X-Cart Data Type.

Field attribute



Value format

The format you need to follow when setting a value for the field. The most common formats are String, Integer, Float, Yes/No (Boolean), Enum, and Date.
The Date is specified in php strtotime() format.

Some text (String)
100 (Integer)
0.39 (Float)
1 Jan 2013 (Date)
Yes (Yes/No)

Max. length

The field has a limit on the number of characters that can be entered into it.

Max. length: 32
(This means that the field can be 32 chars long max)


The field contains language labels. Fields with this attribute are language-specific, and their names are formed according to the format <field>_<language> (for example, name_en). A single CSV file may contain multiple columns with the same field name but different languages (for example. name_en, name_ru, name_de).


HTML allowed

The field may contain HTML tags for layout. Most typically, there is a WYSIWYG editor for this field in the store's Admin area.

<h5>It's HTML TEXT!</h5>

Scripting allowed

The field may contain anything, even <script> tags.



This attribute shows that the field can have multiple values. You must separate each value with the '&&' symbol.



The field may contain multiple rows of values. Each multirow value must be vertically adjacent.

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