Stores connected to X-Payments Cloud can be configured to use payment processing via Global Payments (formerly Realex).

Features of Global Payments (formerly Realex)





Supports transactions of 'Sale' type (Authorization and capture actions are completed simultaneously at the time of payment processing)


Supports transactions of 'Auth' type (An authorization hold is placed on the amount approved by the buyer to ensure the availability of funds for capture)


Allows capturing the previously authorized amount (The authorized amount is moved from the buyer's account to the account of the merchant)


Allows removing an authorization hold from the buyer's account by the merchant


Allows issuing refunds (The money is returned to the buyer's account)

Get Status

Can provide information about the status of a transaction to X-Payments Cloud

Get Card

Can provide new/updated information about a saved credit card. For example, if a credit card gets re-issued, it is possible to get the renewed expiration date. If any other information changes, like the credit card number or the billing address, it is possible to access this updated credit card information as well.


Allows accepting transactions with a higher likelihood of risk


Allows rejecting transactions with a higher likelihood of risk


Can test whether the merchant account details entered in X-Payments Cloud are valid

3D-Secure via
Cardinal Commerce

only 3-D Secure v1

Supports 3-D Secure payer authentication via Cardinal Commerce. Best for PSD 2 in the European Union.


Supports tokenization (Allows billing a customer's credit card again - without X-Payments Cloud storing cardholder data).

Account Updater

Supports Account Updater service

Apple Pay

Supports Apple Pay

Google Pay

Supports Google Pay

Other payment methods supported by X-Payments Cloud are listed in the section X-Payments Cloud: Supported Payment Methods.

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