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Assigning Tax Classes to Shipping Methods
Assigning Tax Classes to Shipping Methods

Learn how to set tax classes for shipping methods in your online store.

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After creating a tax class, you can assign it to shipping methods.

To assign a tax class to a shipping method:

  1. Open the Shipping Methods page in your store's Admin area (Store Setup> Shipping).

  2. In the list of shipping methods, locate the column Tax class.

    This column shows the tax classes assigned to your store's shipping methods. If you have not set a particular tax class to a shipping method, it will have the default tax class.

  3. To change a tax class for a shipping method, click on the name of the tax class currently assigned to it. You will see a drop-down box with a list of available tax classes. Select the tax class you require.

  4. Save the changes.

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