You can set custom Clean URLs for particular pages like target=bestsellers or target=contact_us (only in the Customer area).

To do so, use the [clean_urls_aliases] section of the file XCART_DIRECTORY/etc/config.php.

This section allows you to add key-value pairs to set SEO-friendly URLs:

; Add clean URL aliases for special pages.
; Use the following format:
; target = "clean-url"
new_arrivals = "newarrivals"
sale_products = "sale-products"
coming_soon = "coming-soon"
bestsellers = "bestsellers"
contact_us = "contact-us"
brands = "all-brands"

Depending on the version of X-Cart you are using, the [clean_urls_aliases] section may look slightly different but supports the same formatting for the key-value pairs.

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