User Roles List Management

Learn how to maintain user roles in your online store.

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User roles in X-Cart are added via the User Permissions add-on that is preinstalled and enabled, and your X-Cart store already has some roles configured.

Roles List Overview

A store admin can view user roles available in the store after installation on the Roles page of the Admin area:

  • X-Cart 5.4.x - Users > Roles

  • X-Cart 5.5.x - Store Management > Users > Roles

By default, the list contains the following set of preconfigured roles:

  • Administrator: The role with the root access permissions to the store Admin area. A user with this role has full access to all the features (no restrictions). It is the only role in X-Cart that can't be edited or deleted.

  • User management: The role with the "Manage users" access permissions.

  • Admin management: The role with the "Manage users" and "Manage administrators" access permissions.

  • Coupons management: The role with the "Manage coupons "access permissions.

  • Sale discounts management: The role with the "Manage sale discounts" access permissions.

  • Volume discounts management: The role with the Manage volume discounts access permissions.

  • Content management: The role with the following access permissions:

    • Manage front page

    • Manage banners

    • Allow unfiltered HTML

    • Manage custom pages

    • Manage menus

    • Manage news

  • View order reports: The role with the View order reports access permissions.

  • Vendor (Marketplace edition): The role with full access to all features of the store's Vendor area.

A root store administrator and the administrator with the user management permissions can create new roles and update, enable, disable and delete existing ones.

Roles List Management

The store root administrator can use the tools on the Roles page to apply the necessary role changes.

  • Role Updates
    To edit a role, click on its name in the Roles table, edit the role details and click Update to save the changes. The changes applied will affect all the admins with this role assigned.

  • Role Deactivation
    It is possible to deactivate a role directly on the role listing page to disable the permissions granted by this role to the admins who hold it. To do so, click on the ON/OFF icon in front of the role name, and save the changes.

  • Role Deletion
    To delete a role, click on the Trash icon opposite the role name at the far right and save the changes.

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