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Learn how to access and view the address book in customer profile.

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Address Book is a part of a Customer Account that provides information about customer billing and shipping addresses.

To access a customer's address book, a store admin needs to click on the customer's name in the profile or open the Address Book tab when viewing the account details.

The customer address book displays the billing and shipping data specified during checkout. Address cards are marked with icons for a store admin to understand what address this is.

  • Customer billing address icon

  • Customer shipping address icon

NOTE: If a customer changes the previously stored billing or shipping address at checkout, the changes will immediately apply to the current order. However, your online store will register the address changes in the customer account only after the customer has completed the order successfully.

A store admin can change the current customer address or add a new one.

To change the current customer address:

  1. Click the Change button on the address card.

  2. Edit the field contents in the Address details popup.

  3. Click Save changes.

To add a new customer address,

  1. Click Add new address.

  2. Fill in the address fields in the Address details popup.

    NOTE: Some fields may come predefined based on the default customer address.

  3. Click Save changes.

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