Changing Your X-Cart Store URL
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Your X-Cart store is licensed to run on a certain URL, but this URL can be changed, if needed.

Important: The transfer of X-Cart to a new location (URL) is subject to the terms set forth in X-Cart License Agreement. In the case of transferring X-Cart software to a new URL, the new URL needs to be registered in our license database. Your current license URL can be found in the “My Licenses” section under your profile at; in the same section you can find a link through which you can submit a request to change your license URL.

Your X-Cart configuration file <X-Cart>/etc/config.php contains information about your store location in the [host_details] section:

http_host = "<HOST>"
https_host = "<HOST>"
web_dir = "/xcart"

If you choose to change the URL, you will need to adjust the information in the [host_details] section accordingly.

To ensure that everything works properly after the move to the new URL, we recommend that you re-deploy your store after readjusting the [host_details] information.

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