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Importing Categories from SEMA Data
Importing Categories from SEMA Data
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Since product data imported from SEMA Data will need to use some sort of structure in your X-Cart store, it is presupposed that the products imported from SEMA Data will be placed in categories. SEMA Data uses its own elaborate category structure for products, and one of the best features of X-Cart's SEMA Data integration is that it allows you to re-create this structure (both the category names and hierarchy) in your store's catalog without having to configure those categories in your store manually from scratch. The integration can automatically create in your X-Cart store the category structure utilized by the products of your approved brands in SEMA Data. Please note that when you configure the import settings for each specific brand that will be imported from SEMA Data and represented in your store's catalog, it is possible to choose specific categories from which products need to be imported.

If you do not wish to import products from certain categories, simply leave those categories unselected in the brand import settings - and products from those categories will not be imported.

After the import of catalog data for the brand is completed for the first time, the categories selected in the brand import settings will be imported from SEMA and added to your store's category structure. They will be fully manageable in your X-Cart store - just like any regular X-Cart categories - via the Categories page in your X-Cart store's backend (Catalog > Categories).

To ensure that your store's category structure aligns with the most current category structure in SEMA Data, you can sync category data for any available brand at any time.

To sync a brand's categories with information in SEMA Data:

  1. Go to the Data Import page for SEMA Data integration in your X-Cart store's Admin area (Catalog > SEMA Data, Data Import tab), locate the brand for which you need to sync categories on the Available Brands list, and click on the Settings button (gear icon) opposite the brand name.

    As a result, a page with the brand details and import settings opens.

  2. Click on the Sync Categories button at the bottom of the screen.

    The categories will be synced. Upon successful completion of the process, the page will show the status message "Sync categories completed".

After category syncing, the category tree in the Categories to import section will be updated, and you will be able to readjust the selection of categories that need to be imported from SEMA.

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