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Importing Vehicles from AutoSync
Importing Vehicles from AutoSync
Written by Anna Verbichenko
Updated over a week ago

X-Cart's AutoSync integration can import vehicle data from AutoSync. This data will be used to populate your store's MMY configuration with combinations of specific Year, Make, Model, and Submodel/Trim that correspond to specific vehicles. For each combination of Year, Make, Model, and Submodel/Trim, there will be imported a set of attributes that will be used to determine the compatibility of the vehicle with specific products of the wheel/tire range.

Important: Before importing vehicle data, make sure your store's MMY configuration is Make/Model/Year/Submodel or Make/Model/Year/Trim. You can check and adjust your store's MMY configuration on the Vehicles & Fitments Settings page in the Admin backend (Catalog > Vehicles & Fitments, Settings tab).

You are free to use any number of levels (2, 3, 4) and to arrange the levels in any order you prefer; just make sure the level names are Make, Model, Year and Submodel (or Trim).

To be able to import vehicle data, the integration needs to be connected to AutoSync. The import of vehicle data can be done before, after, or at the same time as the import of other data types from AutoSync (for example, the import of your approved brands or catalog data).

If, after importing vehicle data from AutoSync, you need the vehicle data in your X-Cart store to be updated, you will be able to do a re-import of vehicles.

To import vehicles from AutoSync:

  1. In the Admin area, go to the Vehicles & Fitments page (Catalog > Vehicles & Fitments); make sure you are viewing the All Vehicles tab.

  2. Click the Import Vehicles button.

    A drop-down menu will be expanded, allowing you to select the data source. Click on the name of the data source you require (in our case, AutoSync).

    The AutoSync integration will import vehicle data. You will be able to track the progress of vehicle data import via a progress bar provided at the top right-hand side of the screen.

    If anything goes wrong during a vehicle data import, it is possible to interrupt the process using the Cancel link near the progress bar and restart the import anew.

    The imported vehicle data will appear on the same page.

    After the import has been completed, you should see a success message at the top of the page saying "Vehicle data import completed".

    You can quickly access the imported vehicle data using the View vehicles link on the AutoSync integration page. The link gets you to the All Vehicles tab of the Vehicles & Fitments page.

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