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About Catalog Data Import from AutoSync
About Catalog Data Import from AutoSync
Written by Anna Verbichenko
Updated over a week ago

With AutoSync API integration, your X-Cart store will be able to create and update wheel and tire products in your store's catalog by importing data from AutoSync.

Catalog data import from AutoSync is possible for brands that have:

  • at least one product type (Wheels or Tires) selected in the brand import settings;

  • a category for the import of the respective type of products assigned.

For more info about configuring brand import settings, see Brand-specific Configuration of Catalog Data Import for AutoSync.

The data imported from AutoSync is used to populate the product fields Product name, SKU, UPC/ISBN or Mnf#/Vendor# (only if the add-on UPC/ISBN and Mnf#/Vendor# fields is enabled), Brand, Description, Images, Category, Price, Quantity in Stock, Weight, Width, Length and Height. The integration also imports comprehensive attribute data that is used to specify the features of specific products and determine their compatibility.

Since data imports from AutoSync are fully compatible with the Make/Model/Year functions of X-Cart Automotive, the integration will also:

  • import product attributes that are used to specify the product's fitment;

  • import each product's fitment data;

  • import the complete Make/Model/Year/Submodel hierarchy.

Important: For lossless import of product fitment information from AutoSync, your X-Cart store needs to use the Make / Model / Year / Submodel(or Trim) MMY configuration. You can check and adjust your store's MMY configuration on the Vehicles & Fitments Settings page in the Admin backend (Catalog > Vehicles & Fitments, Settings tab). You are free to arrange the levels in any order you prefer, just make sure the names are Make, Model, Year and Submodel (Trim). Please specifically note that the name Engine, which, depending on the version of X-Cart software you are using, may be used in your X-Cart store for one of the levels by default, will not function as a substitute for Submodel (Trim) component; you will have to manually replace the component Engine with Submodel or Trim to make it work.

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