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Setting up Attribute-based Product Filtering for AutoSync Integration
Setting up Attribute-based Product Filtering for AutoSync Integration
Written by Anna Verbichenko
Updated over a week ago

X-Cart's AutoSync API Integration allows you to enable attribute-based filtering for products imported from AutoSync.

To be able to set up attribute-based filtering, you need to have properly completed steps 1-13 of the Getting Started with AutoSync Integration procedure.

To set up attribute-based filtering for AutoSync products:

  1. In your X-Cart store's Admin area, enable the use of Wheel & Tire Size filter for the category/-ies that have been chosen to be your store's target category/-ies for the import of wheel and/or tire products from AutoSync (as configured in your store's AutoSync API Integration Import Options section).

    First, go to the Categories page in the Admin area (Catalog > Categories).

    Locate the category you require, and click on its name to view the category details. For the sake of example, we are going to work on the category "Wheels" which we have previously selected to be the target category for the import of wheel products from AutoSync.

    The Info tab of the category details opens.

    Scroll down to the bottom of the page. There you will find the field titled Wheel & Tire Size filter. By default, this field is adjusted to the setting "Disabled", which means that no filter for wheel or tire sizes is provided, and filtering by attributes is not enabled. You need to change that by choosing the filter(s) you would like to enable:

    • Both Wheel Size & Tire Size filters

    • Wheel Size filter only

    • Tire Size filter only

    For the sake of example, we have chosen the option "Wheel Size filter only":

    Be sure to click the Update button at the bottom of the screen to save the changes.

  2. Use the facilities of CloudSearch & CloudFilters add-on to add the necessary filters.

    Go to the Search & Filters page (Store > Search & Filters).

    Switch to the Filters tab.

    The page that opens provides a list of all possible filters created from product attributes and other catalog data. You need to find the filters pertaining to wheels and tires and enable them. You can conveniently find all such filters by typing "wheels" into the search field above the list.

    Any filters pertaining to wheels and tires will have the "Wheels" tag shown next to their name.

    Note: CloudSearch & CloudFilters can only index products that are in stock (with Qty above "0"). If you do not see any wheel- and tire-related filters on this page, it may be due to the fact that the stock quantity of products imported from AutoSync has not been adjusted to a non-zero value. To solve this problem, adjust the Qty values for AutoSync products in your store's catalog to reflect the actual inventory levels.

    To enable a filter, switch the On/Off toggle before the filter name to the "On" position (green color).

    The changes will be applied automatically.

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