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Amazon Pay Customer Experience (Amazon Pay Checkout v2)
Amazon Pay Customer Experience (Amazon Pay Checkout v2)
Written by Anna Verbichenko
Updated over a week ago

When the Amazon Pay payment method is enabled in an X-Cart store, the visitors of this store can use Amazon Pay Checkout by following one of these paths:

Checking out via an Amazon Pay button

The Amazon Pay buttons that allow shoppers to check out using Amazon Pay can be found in the following locations:

  • On the shopping cart page

  • In the minicart widget

  • On the product page - provided that the option to display the button on the product page was activated by the store administrator (The button becomes visible to a customer after they add the product to the shopping cart)


In addition, there is an Amazon "Sign in" button, which can be found on the user login screen. It provides the customer with an option to sign in to the X-Cart store using an existing Amazon account:

Once a shopper chooses to click an Amazon button (in any of the above-named locations), a pop-up titled "Sign in with Amazon" is displayed, enabling them to enter their Amazon account email address and password:

After successful sign-in, the information regarding the shopper's address and available payment methods stored in the shopper's Amazon account becomes available for use in the X-Cart store. The screenshot below shows how a customer's shipping address and payment method (VISA ****1111) have been pulled from the customer's existing Amazon account and transferred to an X-Cart store for use during the checkout process.

If necessary, the customer can edit the address and payment instrument selection by clicking on the Edit button. The Edit button can be revealed by hovering the cursor near the corner of the billing address block of the checkout page.

After clicking the Edit button, a popup is displayed, allowing the customer to change the shipping address and payment instrument they want to use before they go back to checkout.

The rest of the checkout process in the X-Cart store looks exactly the same as always.

Choosing Amazon Pay as a payment method at the final step of X-Cart checkout

An alternative way for a customer to employ their Amazon-stored address and payment instrument information for checkout in an X-Cart store is as follows.

The customer chooses to use the regular X-Cart checkout flow:

The customer completes all the necessary checkout fields related to their shipping address:

and chooses a shipping method:

In the final checkout step, the customer chooses Amazon Pay as the payment method:

and proceeds to place the order:

After clicking to place order, a popup is displayed, allowing the customer to sign in to Amazon.

After signing in, the customer checks the information that is going to be used for their order and clicks "Pay now".

The payment is processed, and the order is created.

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