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Fast Lane Checkout
Fast Lane Checkout

A type of checkout with separated data submission.

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Fast Lane Checkout is a type of checkout when every step of data submission takes place on a separate page, i.e., a customer submits personal data and selects preferred delivery and payment methods in series. Each subsequent step becomes available only upon successful completion of the previous stages. Fast Lane checkout is considered a more straightforward method for a new customer. In addition, it potentially leads to fewer errors during the submission of data for a transaction because a customer submits all required info in portions.

The figures below demonstrate how Fast Lane checkout looks for an unregistered and not logged-in customer:

  • Page 1

  • Page 2

  • Page 3


The process becomes a bit shorter for a logged-in customer since all personal data (shipping and billing addresses) predefines based on customer account info. In addition, the preferred delivery and payment methods also display pre-selected based on the previous order of this customer. Therefore, the logged-in customer will only need to check the fields and pay the order.

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