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Pinterest Tag (via Segment Integration)
Pinterest Tag (via Segment Integration)

Learn how to submit data to Pinterest from your X-Cart store.

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X-Cart's Pinterest Tag integration allows you to track people's actions on your website after viewing your Promoted Pin. You can use this information to measure campaign performance, optimize spending, and create audiences to target on Pinterest.

With this integration, X-Cart can submit data to Pinterest and get access to all the advantages it gives.

The Pinterest Tag integration is available via the Segment Integration add-on facilities.

To be able to submit data to Pinterest, you need the add-on Segment Integration installed, enabled, and configured to collect data from your X-Cart store.

Also, you need a Pinterest business account. If you do not yet have one, you can sign up here.

To configure Pinterest via Segment:

  1. Open the Segment back-end.

  2. Click Add destination on the Segment Overview page:


  3. Choose Pinterest from the list:


  4. Click the Configure Pinterest Tag button to proceed further:


  5. Choose the source site for the data transfer:


  6. Follow the configuration procedures as described in Segment Docs.


  7. Enable the Pinterest destination when you are done.

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