In a newly installed X-Cart store, the Offline methods section on the Payment methods page already contains some pre-configured offline payment methods. If needed, you can edit them, or add more offline methods.

Adding Offline Payment Methods

To add a new offline payment method:

  1. On the Payment settings page (Store setup > Payment methods), scroll down to the Offline methods section and click the Add payment method button:


    A popup box will appear allowing you to enter the details of a new payment method will be opened:


  2. Enter a name, payment instructions and a description for the new method. HTML tags are allowed in the Payment instructions and Description fields.

  3. Click Add. The payment method will be added to the list of Offline methods.

    Like the rest of your payment methods, the newly added method has a Configure button allowing you to edit the method settings, a Trash icon allowing you to remove the method, and an INACTIVE/ACTIVE toggle allowing you to control the method availability for customers.

  4. Use the INACTIVE/ACTIVE toggle to activate the payment method you have added.


That is all. The payment method is active and ready to use.

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