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Learn how to maintain offline payment methods in X-Cart.

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X-Cart supports offline payment methods should you need them as an option in your online store. Depending on the software version you use, you can find the list of preconfigured offline payments on the Payment Methods or Payments page in your store Admin area. You may need to scroll down the page to access the Offline section to see them.

  • X-Cart 5.4.x - Store Setup > Payment Methods > Configuration

  • X-Cart 5.5.x - Store Management > Payments > Methods

Adding Offline Payment Methods

To add a new offline payment method:

  1. Click the Add payment method button in the Offline methods section:


    • In X-Cart 5.4.x, you will see a popup where you enter the details of a new payment method:


    • In X-Cart 5.5.x, the popup will be different.
      First, you will see the list of all available offline methods preconfigured for you.

      • Add: Use this button to add a preconfigured offline payment to your list.

      • Settings: Use this control to access the configuration settings of an online payment method already activated in your store.

      If none of the suggested methods suit you, click the Add new offline method button to create a new offline payment method.

  2. Regardless of the software version, in the Add Offline Payment Method popup, specify the name, payment instructions, and a description of the new method.

    Note: HTML tags are allowed in the Payment instructions and Description fields.

  3. Click Add. The payment method will appear in the list of Offline methods.

    Like the rest of your payment methods, the newly added method has:

    • a Configure/Settings control to edit the method settings;

    • a Trash icon to remove the method;

    • an INACTIVE/ACTIVE toggle to manage the method availability for customers.

  4. Use the INACTIVE/ACTIVE toggle to activate the new payment method.


That is all. The payment method is active and ready to use.

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